Sunday, 22 June 2014

Best pictures that showcase India

Here are some random pictures that showcase India. Credit to reddit.

The two sides of India

This picture shows the poor and the middle class. Or maybe the educated and the poor and illiterate.

An pilgrim carries his blind mother to every major Hindu site

Shravan's story is the benchmark for respect and duty towards elders that is imparted  to kids at young ages. It's a rare sight to see a man actually implementing it to its core.

A Free school under a bridge

Rajesh Kumar Sharma, 40, offers a free education to New Delhi's slum children under a metro bridge. He started a makeshift school, where he teaches children from the city’s slums, too poor to attend regular schools.

Gulabi Gang of India

The Gulabi Gang uses lathis, bamboo sticks. FYI, they only use the lathis as a last resort if the men resort to violence.Initially founded to combat domestic violence, the Gulabi Gang works to advance human rights.

Funeral for an elephant hit by a train

Grieving passengers pay tribute to one of the seven elephants killed by a train in India

Camel detailing

This is known as "Camel Tagging" and it is done by roving camel gangs of underage youth. Evidently they try to achieve notoriety by camel tagging as many as they can with their "tags". Other camel gangs will see this and know it is another camel gang's territory. The intricate  artwork is typical of the need for camel gang graffiti to outdo each other.

Wall of death

This act is called "moat ka kua"(Well of Death). Usually its motorcycles but sometimes cars. Its pretty entertaining especially when they come and high five you, yes they come that close to the edge.

Childhood is never over

You're never too old to play hide n sikh

75 year old woman doing a long jump

She is 75-years-old and inspires us all with her spirit and strength. She made everyone speechless with her athletic ability during  the 35th National Masters Athletic Championship 2014 in Coimbatore. Grandma deserves our full respect.Salute!"

A little girl and her friend

A little girl and her friend, a baby monkey. Taken in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

Children in Ahmedabad, India dress up for Ghandi's birthday

Sloth Bear and a Forest Ranger on a bicycle

Ram Singh found orphan bear in the woods, brought it home and raised as an equal member of the family.

Aditya Jain: This Kind Man Took Poverty-Stricken Children to McD With His First Salary.

Aditya Jain's answer to Life: What is the bravest thing you have ever done or said?

Men in skirts pledge to support women

This is how some men in my city chose to protest the recent "those who dress immodestly are inviting rape" comments in India.

Beautiful carved temples in Madurai, India

Meenakshi Amman Temple, the level of detail and intricacy there is incredible!

Albino family from India.

Apparently, the Pullans form the largest Albino family in the world with ten members in total. More information and pictures can be found here

India on Diwali night

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