Thursday, 23 February 2012

JODI BREAKERS aims for a healthy weekend

Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial
It's less than a week remaining for the release of JODI BREAKERS and its makers are expectedly going through nervous times. While the film's lead pair Madhavan and Bipasha Basu is occupied with their multi city tours, the film's producers as well as director Ashwini Chaudhary have their calculators out to gauge the kind of response that the film would now fetch at the box office.
"The economics of making and then releasing a film have changed. Also, with Madhavan pulling off TANU WEDS MANU quite well as a solo lead, there are added expectations from JODI BREAKERS to do well too. We are looking at the opening weekend to be quite healthy because let's admit it, regardless of how good our film may, it would be the first weekend that would be quite important. We are not losing sight of that and are definitely aiming for healthy footfalls in the first three days," says a high placed official from the film's production house.
Moreover since the film is releasing alongside TERE NAAL LOVE HO GAYA, it would be all the more important for both these rom-coms to make as much moolah as possible in the first few days after which it would be the eventual product that would do the talking.
"Well, in that context I am not overtly bothered," says Ashwini and adds, "As it is always said, the weekend belongs to the producer while it's the director who is responsible for the weekdays. As long as producers make their money in the first three days and audience accepts my film with open arms in weekdays to follow, I don't mind."
He is quite confident about that happening though. "As a director you always know whether a film is good or bad. Post that once you are a part of the promotion, you further get to know if it would reach out to audience or not. When I made GOOD BOY BAD BOY I knew it won't work. Same was the case with DHOOP as well. Former was a badly made film while latter was poorly promoted. Thankfully none of this is a case with JODI BREAKERS due to which I am quite confident and happy about it."
Here is hoping that audience too gets to say the same.

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