Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Know your couple type to transform your relationship!

Do you and your partner often find yourself in the middle of blazing rows? Turns out, you are the 'Cat and Dog' couple type.
Psychologists say identifying the type of couple type we are - or would like to be - holds the key to a happy relationship and being able to understand our own needs and those of our partner, reports the Daily Mail.
Experts have identified six different 'couple types' that we all fall into.
One is the 'Cat and Dog' type. As the name suggests, this couple fight constantly, in private and in public.
This kind of couple may be attracted to one another because they enjoy the cycle of fight and make up (often accompanied by passionate sex).

The second type is called the pursuer/distancer couple, in which one partner is in pursuit of the other, trying to secure their attention and affection.
"One pretends they don't want to know and the other enjoys the thrill of the chase," says relationship psychologist Susan Quilliam.
"Often, couples take it in turns to play the pursuer or distancer. Whenever one senses the other is losing interest, they will switch.
The third type of couple is the 'Parent and child', wherein one feels responsible for nurturing the other, who they regard as less capable.
"The parent partner is attracted because they feel that in caring for this person, they have found a purpose in life," says Quilliam.
"The child partner may lack self-esteem or be a supreme coper who wants a break," she added. (ANI)
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