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‘People can get bored of item numbers’

Katrina Kaif doesn’t regret any of her decisions and feels people can get bored if every film has item songs

What excited you about ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’?
The film itself excited me. Whatever genre I work in, I try to ensure to check if it’s entertaining for the audience and that’s what I did for this film too. It’s a youth film and a lot about what our generation is feeling today. And you don’t have to do the same kind of comedies just because it’s working. So I wanted to be a part of this because it was a different film. 

Every film is different, how is this any ‘different’?
Like ‘Ajab..’ was a commercial comedy aimed at kids and ‘Rajneeti’ was a serious drama, this in that sense is a different film and one that I felt that people will enjoy watching.

Do you have a checklist for selecting a role?
No, never. I follow a very general instinct. If I like something and it sounds like it’s going to fun, I go for it. I don’t calculate or check that the film has this or that. It should just be an entertaining film for the audience.

The film looks like it’s about three guys on a road trip. So have you been on one yourself?

I travelled a lot across Europe when I was growing up. But those were not so fancy as this and not so much fun either and I was very young then. I wouldn’t call this a road trip film though, it’s just a backdrop of the film. It’s more of a ‘coming of age’ film about these three guys at a turning point of their lives.

What were the challenges in playing your part in this film?

The challenges were in the adventure part of it but in a film like this when you have very good actors, it’s just that everyone plays their part and there are not many challenges.   

In a multi-starrer like ZNMD, there’s a huge chance of getting lost, so how do you create your identity in the film?
You just have to try and do it. That’s part of the challenge. 

Since it’s a fun film, did you guys have a blast on the sets?

It was definitely a very memorable experience. And I feel everyone just came together in a way. When you’re travelling constantly, going to different beautiful cities in Spain, everyone has to put aside their personal issues and airs for a while. And we did bond a lot and it was a special journey in a way for all of us. 

Since you’ve been branded for your dance numbers, what are the pros and cons for the same?

I don’t think there can be any cons for it. But that doesn’t mean that every film should have a dance number in it. I think it’s wonderful that they’ve accepted and liked my songs and my dancing. But if it’s there in every film, they’ll get bored of it. You have to break it up. Like in Rajneeti, there were no songs. And at that time, songs were a huge part of what I was doing. The audience wants to see a complete entertainer, songs or not. The next film I’m doing with Imran Khan is a full-on musical and will have dance number again. So you have to keep changing. 

At this point of time in your career, which are the decisions you’re proud of and which are the ones you regret?
You cannot regret any decision you’ve made. Because every decision you’ve made was with a good intention. As long as you don’t do things with the wrong intention, its fine. You did what you felt was right at the time of making the decision. There are no absolutes to films you pick. If you’re doing it for honest reasons, whatever be the outcome, it’s OK.

Your name ranked as the most searched keyword on Yahoo! India last year. But in the end of the day what really matters?
What I find special about that and I won’t give myself a pat on the back for this, is that many people are interested in you and your films. And the audience is supporting you and your films and that means more to me than any award. If I can have that and retain that, its means everything. If they’re searching for you, it hopefully means they support you, right?

Do you have a dream holiday?

Mexico because it’s a place I’ve never been to it and it’s beautiful.

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